Culture Camp
Culture Camp

Culture camp 2022, is an online summer camp with a Cultural fabric, organized for children between the age of 4 and 14 years.

Culture Camp offers spiritual dimension in the thoughts and actions of our children. In today’s time it becomes very essential to go back to our Vedic roots and seed the sublime values and life lessons from our scriptures into the young and growing minds.

In culture camp we strive hard to give proper guidance and means to achieve success in the personal, professional and spiritual lives. We offer active training in life skills, spiritual awareness and social art.

For the spiritual benefit of the children, the camp includes Indian philosophy sessions, and informative discussions on the teachings of great sages of Indian history. We encourage the children to practice good habits like waking up early, deity worship, eating healthy food, meditation, staying clean, respecting elders, sleeping on time, sharing with others, playing outdoors and most importantly mind control.

Qualified and experienced professionals across streams guide the children through the modules they've chosen for the camp. Culture Camp is designed to help children become responsible, refined, spiritual and civilized members of the society.

We end the camp with Talents Day celebrations wherein children can showcase their various talents.


Hare Krishna Parent,

Enroll your kid to Culture Camp 2022 Values for Life - an online summer camp based on Vedic knowledge from our puranas.

We want our children to develop respect, compassion, empathy for others. We want them to be honest and stand up for the right conduct and behaviour at home, school and society and cooperate to act responsibly. As per our scriptures if children are taught right values at a young age in becomes ingrained in them and they grow to be better individuals who can stand up for themselves as well as for others in the society. Just academic’s will not help today’s children, they additionally need life lessons through values along with appropriate guidance and support from our Vedic literature. We have seen over 2 decades that this combination can do wonders to them (especially during the pandemic scenario).

We at ICVK are aiming exactly for this in our CULTURE CAMP 22 as we understand this can make our kids better humans for tomorrow.

In this Culture Camp 22, kids will learn the Values for Life – through our Vedic scriptures and Bhagavad Gita. They will learn to implement what they have learnt through case studies / discussions. Also get an opportunity to spiritually grow and become more composed and aware of various vedic mantras and Pranaam mantras. They will also get an opportunity to choose between art and craft or Music modules to further enhance their creative aspect. All this with the magic touch of mantra meditation.

Culture Camp 22 will allow children to explore our rich Vedic knowledge, it inspires children to develop a love and admiration for our scriptures and also Instils children with a deep sense of wonder and discovery.

The camp has been structured by experts to arrive at the below:-

  1. Brief Introduction of our Glorious Culture
  2. Vaishnav Pranam Mantras and Shlokas
  3. Introduction to important values for life
  4. Shlokas substantiating the values
  5. Vedic stories
  6. Mantra Meditation
  7. Quiz and Activities
  8. Art and Craft
  9. Music & Kirtan training
Dates:- 9th May – 23th May 2022.

There will be 3 age groups:

Sub-Juniors : 4 yrs to 6 yrs | 10 AM - 11 AM | Rs 500/- per child.

Juniors- 7 yrs to 10 yrs | 10 AM - 12.30 PM | Rs 1000/- per child.

Seniors- 11 yrs to 14 yrs | 3 PM - 5.30 PM | Rs 1000/- per child.

Module allocations will be on a first come first serve basis and subject to seats available.

Kindly register for each child.

E- Certificates will be given to children who have successfully completed the course.

For more details please call us on 9820852525 / 9909917748

Terms & Conditions

  • Donation once paid shall not be refunded or adjusted towards other participants.
  • The activities, practice sessions and the performances during the Culture Camp 2021, will be filmed, and used for future educational and promotional purposes.
  • The copyrights of all photos, audio and video recordings shall rest with Hare Krishna Movement- Mumbai.
  • Participants are requested to log in for the Culture Camp every day 10 minutes prior to the stated time..
  • Participants are strictly advised to follow proper dress code.
  • The Culture Camp is scheduled with an expectation of active participation from the child, hence we request that the children attend the entire program without any break. Missed sessions shall not be repeated.
  • Owing to any unforeseen circumstances, Hare Krishna Movement- Mumbai reserves the right to cancel any module and offer alternate modules.
  • Change of modules are not encouraged.
  • Donation of Rs.1,000/- to be made in the Name of "Hare Krishna Movement- Mumbai".
  • Certificates will be issued to all participants who have attended 90% of the sessions.
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