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Spiritual learning and Vedic culture were once the pillars on which Indian civilization founded a life filled with success, happiness, and harmony. FOLK Residency aspires to reintroduce today's fast-tracked youth to that timeless concept of peaceful living.

FOLK Residency is a service from Hare Krishna Movement - Mumbai. Residencies in carefully chosen areas across Bangalore and a few other Indian cities are maintained and let out to bachelors who are either students or working professionals. Closely following the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, the Residency program invites youngsters to live with like-minded people.

In FOLK Residency, we adhere to practices of stress management and anxiety relief. Our arrangements are such that you can enjoy the companionship of your housemates without compromising on your personal space.

We serve hygienic, nutritious, and 100% vegetarian food, thrice a day. There are regular morning programs, meditation sessions, group discussions, and feasts to keep you entertained as well as help you maintain your emotional and physical balance.

We greet members from diverse backgrounds and classes. Sharing a house with them gives you a chance to communicate with different personalities, build relationships, learn life skills, share resources, and grow as a compassionate, confident human being.


The houses are clean, with spacious rooms and gardens. We have a professional staff dedicated to keeping the conveniences well-maintained. We are highly mindful of your safety and health and have fool-proof protocols in place to ensure the same.

You can choose residencies closest to your college or workplace by filling a form for the same. The accommodation options we offer include the following,

  • Spacious apartment/ house
  • 3 BHK or more
  • Attached bathing and toilet facilities with every room
  • Space around the house for multi-utilities
  • Geyser facility
  • Inbuilt wardrobes in every bedroom
  • Water purifiers
  • 24-hour water supply

Note: We strictly do not allow smoking, drinking, drugs, or meat on our premises. You will have an active role in keeping the house neat, maintaining accord with your housemates, and judiciously using the resources like electricity and water.

For more information on FOLK Residency or on HKM Life, you can contact us.

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