Heritage Festival

Heritage Festival

To celebrate Lord Krishna's birth, a Heritage festival is held for students from standards LKG to class X. This is a unique opportunity for children to display their talent, all whilst offering an ode to Sri Krishna himself. This event filled with colorful cultural activities, influenced by India's rich tradition is organized on the event of Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

There are 8 streams of fun filled activities planned for this event as follows,


Lord Krishna was a lover of dance. His gait was enough to enthrall his audience. His famous and beautiful dance with the Gopis of Vrindavan captivated one and all, and it is even said that time stood still when Krishna moved to the tunes of nature. The dance competitions in the Heritage fest are held in the praise of Lord Krishn's love for dance.


Lord Krishna's favorite musical instrument was the flute. The harmonious tunes from his flute captured the very vibes of nature itself. Rivers would overflow, the parched banks welcoming the relief, and trees swayed to the sound of his flute. Enchanted birds, cattle, and devotees would gather to concentrate on the melody of his flute. In celebration of music and honoring the mastery of this instrument, children are made to participate in this heritage festival.


Shringara is an important aspect of every temple around the world. Bathing and adorning idols with fresh clothes and jewelry is a part of the daily rituals. Along with the idols, the chambers of the Gods are also decorated and lit up. With the help of these competitions, children are introduced to the finer aspects of Indian culture.

Sacred Chants

A mantra is a powerful tool used in controlling one's mind, detaching from the material world and seeking a connection with the Supreme one. There are a number of mantras, slokas and verses handed down from generation to generation that help in preserving our ancient Vedic knowledge. The competitions help embed these values in the children's lives.


Words have proven to be a great instrument in passing down various legends and deeds of Lord Krishna. Glorifying the divine master's acts through oratory is considered one of the prime methods to attract the Supreme one's attention. Heritage fest is obliged to provide this opportunity to young minds to showcase their gift in honor of the Supreme one.


Humans tend to absorb ideas when they are enacted in front of them. It is for this reason primarily that stage plays are considered more effective when reaching a larger audience. With this fest, children can participate and enjoy in plays, while learning, in the process, about the Lord's life and work.

Literary Arts

Intelligent thoughts alone are ineffective, unless formed into a phrase, verse, essay, poem or song with the help of words. Developing the skill of writing in young impressionable minds at an early stage of education is essential. Heritage fest offers a chance to children to enhance and showcase their literary talent in praise of Lord Krishna.


Drawing is one of the most popular and engaging art forms that children enjoy. Using these beautiful colors, forms and shapes, we can inculcate the teachings, values and other aspects of Lord Krishna's life in our children at a young age.

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