About HKM Life

About HKM Life

Over five hundred years ago, Lord Sri Chaitanya made a prophecy that every town and village of the world would chant the holy name of Lord Krishna. The September of 1965 saw His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada leaving the shores of India to fulfill this prophecy. The 70-year-old monk went on to ignite a worldwide spiritual phenomenon that came to be known as the Hare Krishna Movement.

Following in the footsteps of our revered Founder-Acharya and carrying forward his unwavering vision of promoting spiritual learning, we at Hare Krishna Movement(HKM), Mumbai have been conducting spiritual, educational and cultural activities with the devoted purpose of bringing about physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Registered as a trust in the year 2010, HKM's activities in Powai, kick-started in February 2016 and has been growing consistently ever since.

ISKCON Bangalore

Hare Krishna Movement is authored by and is part of ISKCON Bangalore group of organizations, which has over the last three decades, conducted countless charitable and religious activities across the country. The Akshaya Patra mid-day meal programme initiated by ISKCON Bangalore provides wholesome school lunch to 16 Lakh children across 12 states, every day, and has received accolades from national and international bodies for its charitable activities and unmatched transparency. The chairman of the ISKCON Group, Shri Madhu Pandit Dasa, was recently honored by the Government of India with the Padma award, and the contributions made by the group to the society at large were acknowledged.

HKM Life at Powai

The advancement of Science and Technology has come to drastically change the dynamics of life. Today, there is an enormous pressure of expectations from all quarters, and people seem to be living a fast-paced life, with unhappy relationships, and with practically zero work-life balance. The net result is a life full of anxiety, struggle, and discontentment. HKM has been digging deep into the ancient Vedic scriptures to derive insights that address the important questions and enigmas of life in a lucid manner to bring about alternative paradigms for better living

HKM has also been conducting programmes to impart value education to kids as inculcating values at a young age helps kids develop strong roots and stay balanced as they grow up to face the world.

HKM aims to reach out to all sections of the society across age groups to help people live balanced, fulfilling and progressive life —one that is full of happiness, good health, and peace— through Krishna consciousness.

Every weekend, HKM holds insightful sessions which include Gita Life and Soulful Sundays (open to all), FOLK Gita Life (for men and boys) and Indian Culture and Values for Kids (ICVK).

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