Varshik Dharma Adhikari Seva

Varshik Dharma Adhikari Seva



You contribute Rs. 15,000/- every month for next 12 months

  • Reading of your family name for blessings of the Deity after morning Mangal Arati everyday
  • One ‘Blessed Home’ program in your house on a mutually convenient date and time
  • Special puja and prayers for your family, five days in a year, on days specified by you*
  • Annadana on your behalf to 200 people in slums, orphanages or old age homes on the day specified by you**
  • Sponsorship of prasadam in Sunday GITA LIFE program, five days in a year
  • Sponsorship of the venue for Sunday program, two days in a year
  • Sponsorship of 6 children under Akshaya Patra for one year
  • Go Seva (feeding 50 cowsfull day in Hingonia Goshala, Jaipur) on any day specified by you

Please note:

  • Annadana will happen in slums, orphanages or old age homes every Friday. We will do annadana on the Friday chosen by you on your behalf
  • Special Puja will happen in Just Kiddin’ School during Soulful Sunday every Sunday. If you have chosen a particular Sunday, then we will do Special Puja and invite you and your family for the same