Posted on March 27, 2019

Sri Rama Ashtottara

Its Always recommended to chant Name of the Lord.

Do find below 108 auspicious names of Lord Sri Rama (Sri Rama Ashtottara Shata Namavali.

Chanting of these holy names will usher in peace & happiness in your life.

  1. om sri ramaya namah
  2. om sri rama bhadraya namah
  3. om sri rama candraya namah
  4. om sri sasvataya namah
  5. om sri rajiva locanaya namah
  6. om sri srimate namah
  7. om sri rajendraya namah
  8. om sri raghu pungavaya namah
  9. om sri janaki vallabhaya namah
  10. om sri jaitraya namah
  11. om sri jita mitraya namah
  12. om sri janardanaya namah
  13. om sri visvamitra priyaya namah
  14. om sri dantaya namah
  15. om sri saranatrana tatparaya namah
  16. om sri vali pramathanaya namah
  17. om sri vagmine namah
  18. om sri satyavace namah
  19. om sri satya vikramaya namah
  20. om sri satya vrataya namah
  21. om sri vrata dharaya namah
  22. om sri sada hanumad asritaya namah
  23. om sri kausaleyaya namah
  24. om sri khara dhvamsine namah
  25. om sri viradha vadha panditaya namah
  26. om sri vibhisana paritratre namah
  27. om sri hara kodanda khandanaya namah
  28. om sri saptatala prabhetre namah
  29. om sri dasa griva siroharaya namah
  30. om sri jamadagnya mahadarpa dalanaya namah
  31. om sri tataka-antakaya namah
  32. om sri vedanta saraya namah
  33. om sri vedatmane namah
  34. om sri bhava rogasya bhesajaya namah
  35. om sri dusana tri sirohantre namah
  36. om sri tri murtaye namah
  37. om sri tri gunatmakaya namah
  38. om sri tri vikramaya namah
  39. om sri tri lokatmane namah
  40. om sri punya caritra kirtanaya namah
  41. om sri tri loka raksakaya namah
  42. om sri dhanvine namah
  43. om sri danda karanya karsanaya namah
  44. om sri ahalya sapa samanaya namah
  45. om sri pitru bhaktaya namah
  46. om sri vara pradaya namah
  47. om sri jitendriyaya namah
  48. om sri jita krodhaya namah
  49. om sri jita mitraya namah
  50. om sri jagad gurave namah
  51. om sri ruksa vanara sanghatine namah
  52. om sri citra kuta samasrayaya namah
  53. om sri jayanta trana varadaya namah
  54. om sri sumitra putra sevitaya namah
  55. om sri sarva devadi devaya namah
  56. om sri mrta vanara jivanaya namah
  57. om sri maya marica hantre namah
  58. om sri maha devaya namah
  59. om sri maha bhujaya namah
  60. om sri sarva deva stutaya namah
  61. om sri saumyaya namah
  62. om sri brahmanyaya namah
  63. om sri muni samstutaya namah
  64. om sri maha yogine namah
  65. om sri maho daraya namah
  66. om sri sugrivepsita rajyadaya namah
  67. om sri sarva punya dhika phalaya namah
  68. om sri smruta sarva ghanasanaya namah
  69. om sri adi purusaya namah
  70. om sri parama purusaya namah
  71. om sri maha purusaya namah
  72. om sri punyo dayaya namah
  73. om sri daya saraya namah
  74. om sri purana purusottamaya namah
  75. om sri smita vaktraya namah
  76. om sri mitabhasine namah
  77. om sri purva bhasine namah
  78. om sri raghavaya namah
  79. om sri ananta guna gambhiraya namah
  80. om sri dhiro datta gunottamaya namah
  81. om sri maya manusa jaritraya namah
  82. om sri maha devadi pujitaya namah
  83. om sri setukrte namah
  84. om sri jita varasaye namah
  85. om sri sarva tirtha mayaya namah
  86. om sri haraye namah
  87. om sri syamangaya namah
  88. om sri sundaraya namah
  89. om sri suraya namah
  90. om sri pitavasaya namah
  91. om sri dhanur dharaya namah
  92. om sri sarva yajna dhipaya namah
  93. om sri yajnaya namah
  94. om sri jara marana varjitaya namah
  95. om sri vibhisana pratisthartre namah
  96. om sri sarvapaguna varjitaya namah
  97. om sri paramatmane namah
  98. om sri para brahmane namah
  99. om sri sac-cid-ananda-vigrahaya namah
  100. om sri paramjyotise namah
  101. om sri param dhamne namah
  102. om sri para kasaya namah
  103. om sri parat paraya namah
  104. om sri paresaya namah
  105. om sri paragaya namah
  106. om sri paraya namah
  107. om sri sarva devatmakaya namah
  108. om sri parasmai namah

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