Business Consultant & Capability Builder

Deepak Chhibba

Attend a few introductory classes - you will get hooked & look forward to each Sunday’s class, which is conducted in a very easy manner, yet has high import. Practicing the learning has made me calmer and given a new purpose and meaning to my life’s challenges and mission.

Ex-Vice President / The Times Group

Suchitra Sengupta

I have had the opportunity to gain meaningful life lessons from several accomplished motivational speakers. However, the Yoga for Life, and Gita Life sessions have truly helped me understand ‘why’ and ‘why me’ better, giving me a sense of purpose and fulfilment, changing my paradigm of life!

Business Head / Future Group

Mayank Tandon

Thank you for sharing with us the age-old wisdom of Bhagavad-Gita and its practical application in modern urban life. The sessions, with interesting and thought-provoking content, have directed my inner journey to understand the ultimate truth.

Associate Director / Ola Corporate

Vikas Parchhanda

It's been six months since I attended the first session, and I have been regular, thereafter. While I was keen to advance my spiritual journey, I was confused by so much around that hadn't worked for me. Also, I was disillusioned with the corporate 'rat race'. The Bhagavad-Gita sessions have given me unambiguous clarity on the true purpose of human life, imparting meaning to every action in the day. This has filled me with renewed energy and contentment, and is helping me overcome all doubts and vices. This energy is magical!

M. Tech., Ph. D / Professor & Dean

Dr. Shirish Sangle

The Gita Life sessions have helped me strike a fine balance between my personal, family, professional and social life. I have learnt to not just GO through my life, but to actually GROW through it.

Founder / Fine Multispecialty Dental Clinic

Dr. Latha

A two-hour program every week for more than a year now has changed my approach towards life and spirituality. Earlier, I felt like a headless chicken chasing the unknown, as I struggled to find a balance between profession and family. The sessions have reinforced my mental infrastructure and given me the spiritual tools to lead life with contentment and peace. I appreciate the down-to-earth approach with practical and day-to-day life examples in the delivery of the essence of the Gita.

Founder / Nutriguide

Uma Narula, MSc, Food & Nutrition

Earlier, I had always thought the Gita to before elderly people and for saints. These sessions have helped me understand how to apply the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita in our fast-paced life, to tackle stress, and make better use of this human form of existence. These sessions provide one inner peace and harmony. They have helped me elevate my consciousness by leaps and bounds.

Executive Director-Operations / Nomura

Ashish Gupta

'‘I wish I had been given the opportunity to learn the most important lesson of life at an early age. Much earlier, I could have starting livinginreal and lasting happiness through the true knowledge of the Bhagavad-gita, rather than in the futile pursuit of evasive pleasure. Thanks for teaching me the quintessential science of life!’'

Chairman / NIRMAAN Interior Designers& Turnkey Contractors

Hitesh Pithwa

After joining the Bhagavad-Gita class I feel very positive and confident. My perspective towards life has changed; my relationships with my family members have improved. And my way of looking at problems and solving them has really changed. In short, I have started living a new life in a very positive way.