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Dwaraka Dhaam Mayapur Dhaam Vrindavan Dhaam Puri Dhaam Short Excursions Ex Mumbai

Tirth is organized for individuals and families seeking a spiritual getaway and seeking to learn about the rich cultural heritage of our country by visiting sacred locations. With special provisions made for the benefit of senior citizens, Tirth is planned carefully to ensure a peaceful and comfortable experience for all. We go out in small numbers and our guides accompany you at all times providing valuable insights through immersive narrations that delve into the historical and religious significance of the site and its locale. Being field experts, they are well-trained and multi-lingual bearing in mind the diversity of all the pilgrims. We provide clean guest houses for stay and delicious prasadam for everyone. You are invited to join us for a comfortable and relaxed spiritual vacation.

Tirth Yatras are open for everyone who is interested to know about the cultural history of faith.

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